So you want to enter the contest? It’s really simple…

Here’s what you have to do to enter:

Step 1. Join the Stable as a free or paid member. CLICK HERE

Step 2. Login to all of your social media accounts and post a status about your dedication to the movement with the hashtag #FREEWILL (The more accounts you do it with the better your chances of winning.)

Step 3. Wait for us to find your post and select you as the winner!

Yes, it really is that simple. Why you ask? Well, the answer is just as simple. I want you to make sure the whole world knows how much you appreciate the music. After all, if not for you where would I be? Still toiling away in the lab trying to get my music out to the world. That’s why you are such an important cog in the Will Haze machine.

“So, what do I win?” you might be asking… Well let me tell you.

We will be combing the inter webs looking for your posts. Each week we will select one person who will be granted FREE access to The Stable for one month. In addition to that one winner each month will receive a Free T-Shirt, Signed Poster, & a personal Shout Out on all of our social media accounts!

So what are you waiting for?! Get out there and spread the word!

#FREEWILL is about to break the internet!